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World Refugee Day 2017

On World Refugee Day, held every year on June 20th, we commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees. This year, World Refugee Day also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee. Leer más


Electric vehicles present business opportunities

The EU-funded COTEVOS project ended in 2016 but the project has just updated its white book ´Business Opportunities and Interoperability Assessment for EV Integration´. Electric vehicles (Evs) offer many benefits and outstanding business opportunities, but they also present a great challenge for the electricity distribution network infrastructure and both these strands are fully explored in COTEVOS´ book. One key factor in getting Evs mainstream is the is Leer más

European University Association (EUA)

USTREAM project provides with new opportunities to shape the European agenda on efficient univer

The European University Association (EUA) is organising a series of events with the aim to foster the exchange of good practices in the field of strategic, efficient and autonomous management of universities by using collected institutional and system-level evidence. Leer más

80% percent support more spending in education

School education and vocational education and training investment is a top priority, study finds

A public opinion survey conducted in eight Western European countries by university researchers from the working group of policy analysis and political theory provides detailed new information about the public´s viewpoint on education policy Leer más

First quarter of 2017

Job vacancy rate at 1.9% in both euro area and EU28

The job vacancy rate in the euro area (EA19) was 1.9% in the first quarter of 2017, up from 1.7% recorded in both the previous quarter and the first quarter of 2016, according to figures published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In the EU28, the job vacancy rate was also 1.9% in the first quarter of 2017, up from 1.8% recorded in both the previous quarter and the first quarter of 2016. Leer más


One in five children in rich countries lives in poverty, UNICEF ´wake-up call´ report shows

15 June 2017 – One in five children in high-income countries lives in relative income poverty, and an average of one in eight faces food insecurity, according to a new report released today by the United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF). Leer más

Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice (IIMA)

Youth Forum calls on UN Human Rights Council to move youth rights agenda forward

Today the UN Human Rights Council heard an oral statement made by Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice (IIMA) and co-sponsored by the European Youth Forum. The statement, also co-sponsored by VIDES International, draws attention to the obstacles young people face in accessing their human rights and presents recommendations to member states. Leer más

EU discussion

Increasing popularity of the collaborative economy

Online platforms such as Airbnb and Deliveroo that match providers of goods and services with consumers have become household names in just a few years. The total transactions´ value for the four main sectors involved in the so-called collaborative economy already reached €28 billion in the EU in 2015, nearly double that of 2014.  Leer más

European University Association

Call for university experts in the field of energy

The UNI-SET consortium and the European Platform of Universities in Energy Research and Education (EUA-EPUE) have launched a call for university experts in the field of energy. Leer más

European Union

EU to release 25 million euros for school education in India

The European Union said Tuesday it will release 25 million euros for India´s school education sector as part of its efforts to back schemes such as the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).The amount forms part of the final tranche of a total of 80 million euros that the EU has granted to support the educational schemes in India. Leer más

Defence Education Enhancement Programme

NATO partners with Polish university for e-learning

Cuiavian University in Wloclawek, Poland agreed on 7 June 2017 to support NATO´s work with partners on defence education through advanced distance learning (ADL). Leer más

European Youth Forum

Council of Europe adopts first Recommendation on Youth Work

Youth work plays an invaluable role in empowering and engaging young people across Europe –and this is now officially recognised by the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe! Leer más

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

European Parliament discuss #EUSolidarityCorps with the Youth Forum

On June 7th the European Youth Forum attended an event on the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) organised by the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament. If the legal base of the programme has already published, there are still a lot of questions and areas of improvement around this milestone initiative. Leer más

With national diagrams illustrating the data by country

Eurydice publishes the recommended minimum instruction time in full-time compulsory education

This report examines the recommended minimum instruction time in full-time compulsory general education in 2016/17 in 42 European education systems. It includes national diagrams illustrating the data by country and by subject. Leer más

University of Connecticut

E-cigarettes potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, study shows

A study by chemists at the University of Connecticut offers new evidence that electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Leer más

Fight against terrorism and  unemployment main priorities of European citizensPriorities for the EU

Fight against terrorism and unemployment main priorities of European citizens

The fight against terrorism should be the EU´s number one priority followed by action on unemployment, the fight against tax fraud, migration, the protection of external borders and the environment, according to the vast majority of people surveyed in a special Eurobarometer carried out by the European Parliament. Those participating were asked if more or less common action is required on a range of different issues.  Leer más

Research supported by EU funding

New computer game could be a tool in parents´ struggle to encourage healthy eating

Anyone doing their best to get their children to choose a banana over biscuits might want to read on. Research supported by EU funding has fed into the development of a computer game that could help children to go for healthy snacks over chocolate and sweets. Leer más


European Students´ Union publishes a new study on refugees´ access to higher education

The European Students´ Union just published a new study on recognition of qualifications held by refugees and their access to higher education in Europe. The paper analyses how a selected pool of countries use education as an instrument for inclusion of refugees, asylum seekers and persons in refugee-like situation. Leer más

White bread as healthy as whole-grain bread, study finds

In the study, newly published in Cell, researchers randomized 20 participants to consume either processed white bread or artisanal whole wheat sourdough to compare the effects of each on the body. The study was conducted in Israel, so the researchers used a brand of white bread common in that country, the Israeli equivalent of Wonder Bread. The whole-grain group was given artisanal bread from a local bakery. Leer más


Facial recognition technology to be used in education

One school in Paris is making efforts to keep remote students on track with their tasks – an AI will monitor their every move. Starting in September, two online classes from the ESG business school will be using a facial recognition program called Nestor to measure students´ engagement, and it will even give them warnings when they start to slack off.  Leer más

Oregon State University researchers

Social emotional learning interventions show promise, warrant further study

Developing a child´s social and emotional learning skills in early childhood is seen as a key to the child´s success in school, but researchers are still working to understand which interventions most effectively boost those skills. Leer más

European mobility and transport

Europe takes action for clean, competitive and connected mobility

The European Commission is today taking action to modernise European mobility and transport. The aim is to help the sector to remain competitive in a socially fair transition towards clean energy and digitalisation. Leer más

Rice University

Study identifies factors that lead to greater college success

Educational attainment is a national priority because it creates both economic and personal gains: higher incomes, better individual and family health and deeper civic engagement. U.S. college enrollments are increasing, suggesting greater educational attainment; however, national college completion rates are lagging behind other developed nations.  Leer más

New initiatives on school and higher education

Europe sets out strategy for high quality, inclusive, future-oriented education

The Commission has today adopted new initiatives on school and higher education, including a proposal on graduate tracking to help Member States collect information on what graduates do after their studies. Leer más

2018 EU budget

European Commission proposes budget with focus on jobs, investments, migration and security

The Commission today proposed a draft budget for 2018 of €161 billion in commitments to stimulate the creation of more jobs, especially for young people, and to boost growth and strategic investments. Leer más
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