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10 common mistakes that let you down in exams


Not many students would admit to enjoying taking exams or writing essays, but if you want to get a degree, they´re an ordeal you have to survive.

But how to make the whole thing a little less stressful? Here is the opinion of four academics (Amber RegisBhavik PatelRoy Jackson, and Martin Eve) and, according to them, there is the top 10 things students get wrong in exams and coursework:

1. Panic and procrastination

2. Lack of analysis

3. Poor planning

4. Not reading the question properly

5. Focusing on word count

6. Insufficient reading around a subject

7. Regurgitating in-class or lecture material

8. Over-generalisation

9. Carelessness

10. Spelling, grammar and register

Source: The Guardian

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