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Intelligence quotient

A course to increase your Intelligence quotient


Primary pupils who participated in a four-month programme experienced an average increase in intelligence levels of 23 points, confounding the view that an IQ can´t improve.

Any IQ increase over 10 points represents a significant boost in intellectual ability.

It´s all thanks to ground-breaking research at NUI Maynooth, led by psychology lecturer Dr Bryan Roche and psychologist Dr Sarah Cassidy.

They have set up a company called Raise Your IQ and translated their research into a series of training programmes packaged into an online game, where users acquire points as they advance through the levels.

It is geared not only to students but anyone interested in improving normal day-to-day decision-making and problem-solving, who has half an hour to spend on the task a few times a week.

According to Dr Roche, SMART training helps to improve skills such as vocabulary, abstract thinking, concentration, memory, judgment, task management, alertness to details, eye-to-hand co-ordination, non-verbal reasoning, planning ability and processing speed for information.

Their most recent trials were conducted with 15 students  who participated in training exercises two to three times weekly – a total of about 120 minutes – over four months.

Among the astonishing findings was an average IQ rise from 97, which is considered average, to 120, classified as superior intellectual functioning.

Dr Roche explained that the programme taught a range of relational skills, which facilitated more intelligent thinking.

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