Wednesday,6 July 2022
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Union members and miners joined the demonstration

A huge students protest in Chile


Thousands of people turned out Wednesday on another day of demonstrations called by students in several Chilean cities, with union members, port workers and miners joining the throng.

Several clashes between police and masked protesters were reported and the Carabineros – Chile´s militarized police – said that 98 people were arrested and four officers were injured in various ways, although no mention was made of any civilian casualties.

The governor of the Santiago metropolitan area, Juan Antonio Peribonio, said at a press conference that the government had filed criminal complaints against the people responsible for the attacks on law enforcement personnel. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disrupt the protests.

In contrast to other protests, however, on Wednesday the student movement received the support of the CUT union, the professors union, the Federation of Port Workers and the CTC copper union, among other labor organizations.

Source: Fox News

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