Wednesday,6 July 2022
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According to a study women talk more than men


In the study conducted by J. Michael Bowers, Margaret McCarthy, and their colleagues at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, levels of the FOXP2 protein were analyzed in the brains of four-day-old female and male rats before testing on humans to find communication differences between the sexes.

Sex differences in early language acquisition and development in children are well documented. On average, girls tend to speak earlier and with greater complexity than boys of the same age. However, scientists continue to debate the origin and significance of such differences. Previous studies showed the Foxp2 protein plays an important role in speech and language development in humans and vocal communication in birds and other mammals.

This study showed 30% more FOXP2 protein in the brains of the girls as compared with the boys.University of Maryland researcher, Margaret McCarthy, said in the published report that this study is one of the first of its kind."This study is one of the first to report a sex difference in the expression of a language-associated protein in humans or animals," McCarthy said.


Through this study, University of Maryland researchers found that a heightened level of FOXP2 protein in the brain has a direct correlation with better communication skills thereby solidifying the fact that women are genetically predisposed to be better communicators than men.

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