Saturday,2 July 2022
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Spanish research

An equation estimates speed through the length of strides


To gather that data they have used professional student athletes running and walking across the beach. The results show that just with the leg length we can measure speed with high accuracy.

"Humans are able to calculate, with a very good approximation, the speed from the length of the stride" says Javier Ruiz SINC.


"Previous study have made very elaborate calculation of speed, but the results were extremely high because the experiments was conducted with professional athletes" says Ruiz. Those obtained in this new study show a reasonable pace sprint.

To calculate the speed from footprints you need to know the length of the leg of the individual, or at least an estimation. The research used an equation from a British zoologist Robert McNeil Alexander.The researchers measured the speed and stride of the students as they ran along the beach and applided Alexander´s equation . 


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