Monday,15 August 2022
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A Professor as director of AI research.

Apple hiries expert to lead AI research team

One of the areas where Apple has seemingly fallen behind its competition is artificial intelligence. The company is pushing hard towards bettering its existing products (like Siri) behind closed doors, and has made a visible push in the direction of AI by hiring Carnegie Mellon University professor Ruslan Salakhutdinov as director of AI research.

Apple has just hired Carnegie Mellon University professor Russ Salakhutdinov, who will lead an “AI research” team as director. 

Salakhutdinov, who announced his new position on Twitter, works in the fields of deep learning and neural networks; he’s published dozens of papers in the last couple of years alone. The topics he’s worked on run the gamut, but the main thread is one of human-like understanding of various media: recognizing objects in images, actions in videos, and so on.

In the recent months, Apple  also gobbled upTuplejump, Perceptio, VocalIQ, Mapsense, Emotient, Coherent Navigation and Semetric, just to name a few, to remain at the forefront of AI, machine learning and other similar, relatively new-wave technologies CEO Tim Cook deems to be part of “an incredible future”.

However, it remains to be seen whether their continuous push towards privacy will prove not to be too much of an impediment in the years to come, as well as the secrecy the company is known  for, despite the more open (and indeed more welcomed) approach as of this year.

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