Tuesday,5 July 2022
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It will be a free service

Apple outs iTunes Radio


Apple has unveiled iTunes Radio, an online streaming music radio service which could have up to 300 million users within a year, directly challenging a similar service from Google as well as smaller companies such as Sweden´s Spotify, US-based Pandora and British-based Last.fm.

The new music service will be available free to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users from this autumn when new software for the devices, called iOS 7, is released.

iTunes Radio will launch across mobile and desktop devices, and will arrive on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, on a PC and Mac, and well as on Apple TV.

The service adds a "discovery" element to the existing players, similar to a feature Pandora, Spotify, Rdio and other streaming services already have. iTunes Radio will have "Featured" stations that draw from the iTunes tracks you own, as well as trending tunes. It also leaves you the option to create and share stations you built yourself, based on artists, songs or genres.

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