Monday,15 August 2022
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Tax-free purchases

Apple promotes back-to-school sales with tax savings

Apple had launched campaign, detailing how consumers in nine U.S. states can take advantage of back-to-school sales tax holidays for substantial savings on Macs and iOS devices next month.

During the promotional period in the United States Apple will automatically lower sales tax charges for eligible purchases made both in-store and online. Tax-free purchases are also eligible for Apple´s own "Back to School" promotion, compounding consumers´ return with the addition of an Apple Store gift card for Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Tax holidays occur in:

Eligible purchases include Macs, iPads, and most accessories, including mice and keyboards when purchased alongside a computer. iPhones, educational software, and AppleCare may be included as well, but consumers should review their state laws.

The sales tax holiday period runs from Aug. 1 to Aug. 3 in every state but Georgia — where it ends on Aug. 2 — and Massachusetts, where it has yet to be set by the legislature for 2014. While consumers in North Carolina could take advantage of the sales tax holiday in past years, that law has now been repealed.

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