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Aula and Worldskills hold the Vocational Training Olympics in Spain


A role that will be enhanced at the forthcoming show, which IFEMA is organising at the Feria de Madrid between 13 and 17 February 2013, as it will coincide for the first time with WORLDSKILLS SPAIN, the Vocational Training Olympics.

The spanish education week which forms part of Aula and Worldskills Spain, includes the tertiary and educational equipment fairs Foro de Postgrado and Interdidac (taking place from 14 to 16 February) and the marketing congress Eduketing (on 14 and 15 February).

The Vocational Training Olympics Worldskills Spain,  will play a prominent role. It is the biggest vocational training competition held in Spain, bringing together the top students from across the country to compete for a place in the European final in 32 subjects. Over 70,000 participants took part in the 2011 edition. 

Both  Aula and  Worldskills Spain, will be taking place as the sector witnesses the implementation of the royal decree approved by the government on the dual contract for training and apprenticeship. It is a legislative framework that seeks to improve training and adapt it to the working environment and the real needs of companies, which will undoubtedly increase the demand for information on vocational training at AULA 2013, the International Educational Opportunities Show. 

The new legislation consists of two parts. The first, the training and apprenticeship contract, inspired by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, regulates an alternative model to formal education and at the same time reconciles training with work.

The second part, inspired by the German model and developed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, establishes the bases of dual vocational training in the education system, combining the education and training processes in the company and the training centre.

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