Sunday,3 July 2022
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Grant and funding cuts

Austerity measures under consideration in the Irish Education


A governmental document obtained by The Sunday Business Post has revealed a string of austerity measures under consideration across all areas of Irish education, including cuts to third level grants and funding.

According to the Independent, the Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, is under pressure to make cuts of up to 106 million euro in his department.

The report has noted that a 1 per cent cut to third level funding would save the department €11.8 million, while a capital means test for grants would achieve cost savings of €6 million.

Quinn said his plans to means-test the student grant were not dead last month, despite his failure to deliver on his promise to test it in time for the new academic year in September. But officials are now looking at a straight cut to the grant. which currently stands at just over three thousand euro, is being considered.

While a rise in fees look to be a definite; last month Quinn proposed means testing for the payment but that’s now looking too pricey so a straight cut looks set to be suffered by all students instead.

GMIT Students’ Union and the Union of Students in Ireland have warned politicians that any attempt to target students in the upcoming Budget will "cost them their seats".

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