Monday,27 June 2022
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Petrie, Ruth

Beside the Seaside


This entrancing companion gathers together writings on every aspect of the British seaside, from the changes to the landscape wrought by natural erosion and man-made development to the astonishing variety of animals, birds, and plants that make their homes by the seafront. Not to mention the precipitous rise, sudden decline, and current resurgence of the traditional British seaside holiday, complete with donkey rides, beach huts and Brighton rock.

But as fond as they are of their beaches, the British seaside is more than just a holiday destination. It also gives vital clues to the history of that island nation. Whether it´s the fossils to be found along the Dinosaur coast, the lighthouses that saw some of Michael Faraday´s earliest experiments with electricity, or even the Martello towers that were built to defend the Empire, the evidence of their past is there for all to see.

A beguiling collection of articles drawn from the paper´s extensive archive, this is the perfect bedside companion for anyone who loves the feeling of sand between their toes.

Ruth Petrie is a freelance editor. She selected articles for Cuttings: A Year in the Garden with Christopher Lloyd, The Guardian Book of the Countryside, and Notes from the Garden.

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