Friday,12 August 2022
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The rules will apply to all BA flights

British Airways will allow electronic devices

British Airways is to become the first European airline to let passengers switch on their mobile phones and other devices just after landing.

From 1 July, once an aircraft has got off the runway people can power up their electronics, rather than having to wait until it has stopped.

BA´s new rules will allow mobiles to be switched on and used as soon as the aircraft is off the runway.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said it is satisfied there are no safety implications. Airlines from other countries have allowed similar rules for some time.

Passengers have generally been forbidden from using their electronic devices on planes owing to fears of interference, especially when taking off and landing.

The rules will not affect restrictions during take-off, however, where devices will still have to be switched off until the plane reaches 10,000ft (3,050m).

The change, which will apply to BA flights landing anywhere in the world, is in response to feedback from customers, the airline said.

Source: BBC News

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