Saturday,2 July 2022
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More than 100 students took part in the experiments

Changing the spoon can influence food taste


The study in the journal Flavour suggests the brain makes judgements on food even before it goes in the mouth.


More than 100 students took part in three experiments looking at the influence of weight, colour and shape of cutlery on taste.

The researchers found that when the weight of the cutlery confirms to expectations, this had an impact on how the food tastes. For example, food tasted sweeter on the small spoons that are traditionally used to serve desserts.

Colour contrast was also an important factor – white yoghurt eaten from a white spoon was rated sweeter than white yoghurt tasted on a black spoon.

Similarly, when testers were offered cheese on a knife, spoon, fork or toothpick, they found that the cheese from a knife tasted saltiest.

The new research into how the brain influences food perceptions could help dieters or improve gastronomic experiences at restaurants.

Source: BBC News



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