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ArcRisk project

Climate change has an effect on some parts of Europe


Climate change in the Arctic is more evident than in most parts of the world, with global warming moving at a rate of almost twice the global average. But this also has an effect on some parts of Europe, which is being investigated by the project ArcRisk (´Arctic Health Risks and Impacts on Health in the Arctic and Europe Owing to Climate-Induced Changes in Contaminant Cycling´). This project is being highlighted to mark World Environment Day.

With funding of EUR 4.75 million (of which the EU has contributed EUR 3.5 million), the project has brought together an international research team from 12 countries to assess the health of different populations in the Arctic and in selected ´exposed´ populations in Europe.

The project, which will end later this year, hopes to establish geographical and past temporal trends in the distribution of pollutants in the Arctic. Various models have been used to analyse the Arctic transport of contaminants and their fate in the environment under various scenarios of chemical emissions and climate change.

The results of the project will be presented at a conference of Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø, Norway, in January 2014.

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