Wednesday,6 July 2022
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College tuitions continue to rise and students are leaving school


The Institute for Humane Studies’ website Learnliberty released a video last week titled “How Do We Break the Cycle of Higher Tuition and More Debt?” that argues government subsidies for higher.

According to American University Professor Daniel Lin, government subsidies, created to help college students with high tuition costs, encourage too many people who can’t afford college to seek out higher education. Forty percent of these college students drop out and two-thirds don’t graduate on time, according to Lin.

The economics professor explains that more students attending college only increases the demand for higher education, causing hikes in college tuition. He suggests training in apprenticeship programs in lieu of a college education.

While eliminating government subsidies for higher education may cause demand for higher education to decrease, it does not necessarily mean students who cannot afford college would be at a disadvantage in the job market. Many industrial countries have training and apprenticeship programs for high school graduates to prepare them for successful careers. As it stands, government subsidies are contributing to increasing higher education costs. Such a policy, which is worsening the problem it is supposed to fix, should be eliminated accordingg to Professor Daniel Lin.

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