Saturday,2 July 2022
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Claims involve architects

Consumer associations will support consumers affected by Parklex


Lawyers and architects linked to various universities are interested in the Parklex  consumers claims (featured online as awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Navarra). Now the matter is on hands of several consumer groups.

Parklex customers claim for the thousands of euros they spent in lining the front or inside of  their houses with wood and similar new materials. The materials have been damaged and are not any longer durable, as described in their webpage. The issue also affects other construction companies or other buildings, whose losses may reach even higher sums.

In any case, Parklex and Composites Gurea, who is described as "The durable, contemporary  timber solution" shows a misleding information contrary to reality.

The consumers affected are now also seeking for companies that have also been victims of similar practices in order to contribute to the launch an association of victims of Parklex.

The company has sometimes sent an expert to solve the problem but the commitments have always been verbally, never in written. They have pledged the substitution od the faulty materials in terms of a year trying to prolong the substitution until the end of the guarantee. 

However, these company always refuse to make their written promise to repair faulty materials, even when required to do so by this means.

Now the following step is to formalize the association affected by Parklex in order to receive help from individuals or corporations or lawyers  willing to defend and achieve compensation eventhough the complaint has prescribed, as apparently the company has attempted repeatedly .

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