Tuesday,5 July 2022
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Consumers Classroom will helps teachers to use material about Europe

Irene Matías

The Consumer Classroom will provide high quality resources and interactive tools teaching 12 to 18 year olds knowledge and practical consumer skills. The Consumer Classroom will cover a wide range of consumer education themes, from sustainable consumption to financial literacy. It will also invite teachers to join a dynamic web community.

The launch will be celebrated with an Inter-Schools Competition. This way the EU wants to encourage schools to create educational projects on consumer issues with the help of the tools available in the Consumer Classroom. Teachers will be able to sign up for the competition at the launch date. The first prize for the best collaborative project of teachers and pupils will be a class trip to Brussels. The Consumer Classroom is being launched in collaboration with eTwinning, an EU funded site that has over 190,000 registered teachers and 100,000 registered schools.

The Classroom also forms part of the Teachers´ corner of the European Commission website, which helps teachers by equipping them with ready-to-use material about Europe.

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