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Do professionals needs to challenge Communication skills?


This is one of the most important results of ECOPSI (European Professionals Communication Skills and Innovation Programme).  The project is led by Professor Ralph Tench of Leeds Metropolitan University and attended the University Rey Juan Carlos, University of Leipzig, University of Amsterdam, University of Ljubljana, Istanbul University and the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD). The results are the result of an intensive research program that lasted 15 months and are based on a survey in more than 40 countries, 4 focus groups and 53 interviews with media managers and professionals of leading organizations such as FCC, BBVA, Shell, Henken or MacDonalds. 

The ECOPSI is a research project that explores the competencies required by  communication professionals in Europe. This innovative program is a partnership of six leading European universities in communication research and education located in Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the UK. The programme is led by Leeds Metropolitan University. This two-year research project is the first of its kind and is funded by the European Union.

The research report, infographics and information are available free on the Web ECOPSI

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