Wednesday,6 July 2022
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Training future journalists

Efe signs agreement with FAPE and Ipecc for digital journalism training


Agencia Efe, the world’s leading Spanish-language news organization, has focused on promoting the proper use of Spanish and providing training via Escuela Efe.

The news agency will leverage its broad range of experience in general and specialized reporting – scientific, health, environmental and business journalism, among others – to provide high-quality training courses.

Ipecc, a highly experienced leader in providing training to cultural, communications and audiovisual professionals, is contributing equipment and personnel to the training program.

FAPE, the organization providing the broadest representation to journalists in Spain, will contribute its knowledge of the journalism profession and training needs of both active journalists and recent graduates, as well as of trends in the media industry.

The three signatories will work to create training programs – both online and traditional – for Spanish-speaking journalists in Spain and Latin America who wish to expand their knowledge and skills.

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