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Stimulating entrepreneurial mindsets of young people

Entrepreneurship Education: A Guide for Educators


Support for entrepreneurship has never been more important than it is now. Reinforcing entrepreneurial education in schools, vocational education institutions and universities will have a positive impact on the entrepreneurial dynamism of our economies. Indeed, besides contributing to the creation of social enterprise and business start-ups, entrepreneurship education will make young people more employable and more ‘intrapreneurial’ in their work within existing organisations, across the social, public and private sectors. Therefore investing in entrepreneurship education is one of the highest return investments that Europe can make: research shows that pupils and students who have participated are 3 to 6 times more likely to start a business at some point later in life than those who do not receive entrepreneurship education.

Europe needs more entrepreneurs, more innovation and more high-growth SMEs. This is why it is necessary to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people. The important role of education in promoting more entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviours is now widely recognised.

The new publication "Entrepreneurship Education – A Guide for Educators"aims to showcase examples of inspiring practice in training and supporting teachers in introducing entrepreneurial learning in the classroom.

The Guide is the result of bringing together teacher educators, teachers and experts in two practical workshops (“Laboratories”) at European level, to exchange existing practice and to discuss best ways to move forward. The ideas and examples collected during those workshops have been collated into this Guide to be shared more widely. At the moment the Guide exists only in English, but translations are under way and will be available before the end of the year. Also printed copies will be produced, which can be requested for free from the Commission.

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