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EU awards grants to 20 new transnational sports projects


The 2012 call for proposals was published on 17 April 2012 . The deadline for applications was 31 July. In total, 76 applications were received. Applications were evaluated according to the eligibility, selection and award criteria detailed in the text of the call for proposals.

Following the evaluation, the Commission proposed a list of 21 projects that could be funded with an EU grant. Out of these 21 projects, 20 have signed a grant agreement with the Commission, thus receiving the proposed funding, which totals € 3.2 million.

The projects cover the four areas of the call for proposals:

• Fight against match-fixing: 5 projects;

• Promotion of physical activity supporting active ageing: 4 projects;

• Awareness-raising about effective ways of promoting sport at municipal level: 5 projects;

• Trans-frontier joint grassroots sport competitions in neighbouring regions and Member States: 6 projects.

The projects will be implemented between January 2013 and mid-2014. 

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