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Implementation of the Youth Guarantee

Europe launches the Public Employment Services Network

The Public Employment Services Network, is a new cooperation structure that will help Member States to coordinate their policies and actions against unemployment and reinforcing the European economic governance framework.

This new Network is based on a Council and European Parliament Decision to maximise the efficiency of public employment services through closer cooperation adopted in May 2014, in line with the 2012 Employment Package.

The new structure will provide greater opportunities for comparing public employment services performance against relevant benchmarks, for identifying good practices and for improving co-operation, including through mutual learning and peer to peer assistance programmes.

One of the more immediate tasks facing the Network is to exchange knowledge and successful practices on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee, as most public employment services are the designated national contact points for this crucial reform. In many Member States, the functioning of public employment services must be improved to ensure individual young people receive appropriate personalised advice on job, education and training opportunities most relevant to their own situation, resulting in a tailor-made, concrete offer within four months.

The Network will also help Member States to better implement the country-specific recommendations addressing the public employment services, as issued by the Council in the framework of the European Semester. In 2014, 11 countries received such a recommendation (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain). National policy makers will use the Network´s expertise in the design, development and assessment of employment policies.

The Board of the Public Employment Services Network, made up of senior managers from the Public Employment Services nominated by each Member State and the Commission, governs and steers the Network’s activities. For its part, the Commission has set up a secretariat to assist and facilitate the work of the new Network and ensure its smooth operation and policy relevance.

The new Network brings national public employment services closer together, with a clear status and defined tasks. This will facilitate the implementation of present and future policy actions and ensures the Network is recognised by all institutions and Member States.

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