Saturday,2 July 2022
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Europe negotiates against match-fixing


The aim is to establish an international convention of the Council of Europe to combat the manipulation of sports results with the exception of matters related to police cooperation and criminal matters.

The Commission will play a central role in the negotiation of this convention that will be open to non-European countries and will cover issues including the promotion of integrity in sport, data protection and internal market freedoms in the field of match-fixing and sports betting.

The Commission Sport Unit will be responsible for representing the institution and coordinating with other Directorates-General, namely MARKT, JUST and HOME, the position of the Commission before each round of negotiations. The Commission will present to the Council the proposed EU position ahead of the meetings at the Council of Europe and will report on the results afterwards.

An additional decision authorising the Commission to participate, on behalf of the EU, in the negotiations for this convention on matters related to police cooperation and criminal matters is currently under consideration in the Council.

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