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European capitals of culture: Marseille and Košice

Irene Matías

Last year It was the turn of Guimarães in Portugal and Maribor in Slovenia, but in 2013 it is up to the two cities in France and Slovakia to seduce visitors with a wide range of cultural events.


Founded in 600 BC by Greek colonists from Phocaea in Asia Minor, Marseille is France´s oldest town. Today it is also the country´s second biggest city, boasting more than 850,000 inhabitants. This year it aims to highlight culture´s role as a force for sustainable transformation of the city on economic, urban and social levels.


Although it is only the first city in Slovakia to be designated European capital of culture, Košice has a long history and was the first settlement in Europe to be granted its own coat of arms. The city on the edge of the Schengen area wants to use its year as European capital of culture to create a gateway to Eastern Europe and become the centre of creativity for its young people.

Report on ´Sustainable Financing of Sport´

The Expert Group on Sustainable Financing of Sport (XG FIN) was mandated by the Council to recommend ways to strengthen financial solidarity mechanisms within sport by the end of 2012. The Group, in its work schedule, agreed to give a broad interpretation to this mandate and to look into all aspects that affect such solidarity mechanisms. The Group based its work on the EU Study on the Funding of Grassroots Sport. It held its 3rd meeting on 14 November 2012 in Brussels, where work on the deliverable was finalised.

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