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EU Young Translator

European contest to become translators


More than 3 000 pupils from 750 schools sat the contest in November 2012. The winners – one per EU country – will be invited to an award ceremony in Brussels on 11 April to receive their prizes from Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou and will also have the chance to see the Commission´s translators at work.

The contestants translated a one-page text based on their choice of any of the 506 language combinations possible among the EU’s 23 official languages. All 23 were indeed used as source languages. The winners also exhibited a fair share of linguistic diversity, -11 translated from English, 5 from French, 5 from Spanish, 4 from German, 1 from Estonian and 1 from Irish. The texts were marked by the Commission´s translators.

The contest, which was first organised in 2007, continues to grow in popularity. Nearly 1750 schools registered to take part in the 2012-2013 competition – this was reduced to 750 for logistical reasons following a random computer selection. 

The translation texts focused on solidarity between generations, the theme of the 2012 European Year, and ranged from stories of the young teaching the old how to use computers to history lessons given by elders to children. The texts were prepared by Commission´s translators to ensure the same level of linguistic challenge in all the languages. 

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