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Higher education conference 5th of September

“European higher education in the world” will discuss the challenges faced by the education systems


The conference will discuss an initiative by the European Commission targeted at the strategy of internationalisation of the higher education and discuss challenges faced by the systems of the higher education of Lithuania and other EU Member States.

The new EU programme for education called ERASMUS-PLUS will allocate more than 400 million euro a year to support international student exchanges and increased cooperation between European universities and their partners worldwide.

The Erasmus+ regulation has not yet been formally adopted by the European legislators. However, based on the political agreement reached so far by the EU Institutions, and subject to final version of the legal text when adopted, the European Commission has decided to publish this template for inter-institutional agreements now in order to make it possible for the potential beneficiaries of Union grants to start preparing their agreements in good time and so to allow for a smooth implementation of the Programme.

There are more than 19 million students in European Union universities and other higher education institutions. Europe currently attracts around 45 percent of all international students, but its competitors are rapidly increasing their investment in higher education.

Overall, the number of higher education students in the world is expected to quadruple, from around 100 million in 2000 to 400 million in 2030, with particularly strong growth in Asia and Latin America, she noted.

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