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French street artist Clet Abraham cultivates art over traffic signs


The stickers were strategically placed so that they didn’t compromise the traffic sign’s original function. With the help of the bike’s bank or the shoulder of a friend, it took Clet just twenty seconds to alter the sign and disappear.

Clet Abraham, 46 years old, is a plastic artistic that is transforming the traffic signs in something with an intelligent lecture, with a political, religious and philosophic understanding.

Clet Abraham born in France on the 2nd October, 1966. Studied at the “Academia dei Belli Arti” of Rennes, France. Travelled to Roma, Italy where he studied sculpture and oil painting for 3 years. Then there was a long period of time spent through Toscana, (Tuscany) working and personal introspection. He them settled in Firenze, (Florence, Italy) where he has established his art studio.

Clet was commenting on society’s standardization and the constricting effect that rules have on us, limiting individual expression and thought. Many of his images reference religion.

Authorities, however, are not impressed with his antics. He was once charged a fine of 400 Euros for vandalizing street signs.

The artist explains:

My street sign work stem from a reflection upon our “common visual space”. The omnipresence of street signs, other than being a sign of the culture of “anti-responsibility”, can verge on the absurd. The message is very poor (sometimes I feel like I’m being treated like an idiot by them) and yet they have a highly invasive aesthetic. As a professional in the world of visual space, I feel called to intervene, both to notify the public of the absurdity of the situation, and to propose a constructive and respectful alternative. My adhesives are developed to add a further level of reading [to street signs] constructed on the base of their original signification in order to maintain its utility but give it some intellectual, spiritual, or simply amusing interest. The final objective? That traffic keeps flowing without us feeling spoken down to!

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