Friday,1 July 2022
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The vast majority of graduates seemed happy

German graduates almost immune to unemployment


According to a study released on Wednesday by the German Higher Education Information System (HIS), a degree could be one of the best insurance policies against joblessness.

The study, completed for the German Education Ministry, followed around 5,000 graduates of 2001, asking them about their employment status at three regular intervals over the past 12 years.

In the latest round, just eleven percent of the former students were out of work – most of whom described themselves as “housewives” or “househusbands” or were engaged in further study. An impressive 41 percent of the graduates had already been appointed to at least one leadership role. Job security was also not an issue, with three quarters of graduates on permanent contracts and those in full time jobs raking in an average of €63,000 a year. Fifteen percent said they were self-employed.

The vast majority of graduates seemed happy – with 85 percent satisfied with the work content and 75 percent with their position. Only three percent of those asked had found themselves long-term in a job which didn´t correspond to their academic level.

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