Friday,12 August 2022
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Fiber optic plate technology

German reseachers create a touchscreen to recognise fingerprints

German researcher have created the first touchscreen to recognise fingerprints. This technology could be a step to interact securely with computers in public places.

The device, created by Christian Holz and Patrick Baudisch of the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany, is called the Fiberio. The researchers created their prototype using a glass screen comprised entirely of millions of 3-millimetre-long optical fibres bundled together vertically into a single flat platter. Each fibre pipes out rays of visible light from an image projector mounted below the glass. Meanwhile, infrared light from a source adjacent to the projector bounces off the fingerprints and back down to an infrared camera.

The Fiberio, however, takes things a step further than the Surface in precision. Its namesake fiber optic surface is composed of tiny glass fibers, six micrometers in diameter, and it has an interesting property: objects in contact with the surface (like the raised ridges of your fingerprint) appear dark, while things even slightly distant (like the valleys between those ridges) appear light.

As Christian Holz, one of the researchers, told New Scientist, displays can´t scan fingerprints and fingerprint sensors can´t display images. "What we have invented does both," he said.

As a result, the device´s high-resolution camera can capture an image of a user´s fingerprint as soon as they touch the screen.

Police stations, medical facilities and banks could all benefit from quick and easy identity variation.This new technology can be useful in many situations. unlocking your phone, operating an ATM without a card or password, a quick fingerprint scan in a hospital room or factory.

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