Sunday,3 July 2022
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Young people make up a significant share

Global youth unemployment growing


According to the latest data of International Labour Organization (ILO), around 6 in 10 young people in Greece are unemployed, in the Middle East more than a quarter of young people are jobless and in the United States, the latest figures show that nearly one in four teenagers is out of work.

At its 101st International Labour Conference in June 2012, the ILO adopted a Resolution calling for immediate, targeted and renewed action to tackle the youth employment crisis.

The message for the International Youth Day, which fell on Monday, the United Nations emphasized the positive contribution young migrants make to societies of origin, transit and destination. International Youth Day was established by the UN to raise awareness of issues affecting young people around the world.

Young people make up a significant share of the global number of international migrants. Of the annual total of some 214 million international migrants, young people constitute more than 10 percent. In the year of 2010, there were an estimated 27 million international young migrants, according to UN figures.

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