Saturday,2 July 2022
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Health company focused on aging

Google invests in helathcare research


Google is searching for longer life, announcing on Wednesday the formation of a health company focused on aging and associated diseases.  The initiative will be a long term "moonshot" project involving healthcare and biotechnology.

Arthur Levinson, the former chief executive officer and current chairman of biotechnology giant Genentech, will lead the new venture, known as Calico.

While Google´s primary business is in Internet advertising, Page has increasingly pushed the tech giant to pursue other so-called "moonshot" projects that have no immediate financial payoff, such as its driverless car and the wearable computer known as Glass. 

There may be some personal motivation at play in these efforts. All of us age, of course, but Google co-founders Page and Sergey Brin both face specific health issues. Page suffers from vocal cord nerve damage that has left him speaking faintly. And Brin has a genetic mutation that may leave him more susceptible to developing Parkinson´s disease.

In brief statements, Page and Levinson glossed over any specific plans for products or how the new company will make money. 

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