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focus on cleaner air

Green week 2013


EU rules have helped make Europe’s air less polluted over the years. Even so, people living in some of the most densely populated cities and regions still suffer from very poor air quality. In some, people are breathing air which exceeds EU limits for particulates, ozone and nitrogen dioxide by a wide margin.

In response, the European Commission is preparing proposals to address shortcomings in current rules. As part of this review, the Commission has received input though 2 public online consultations – the second ended on 4 March 2013, with the results to be published soon.

The Commission is also gathering input at this year’s Green Week forum in Brussels. Some 3 000 scientists, business leaders, environmental advocates and government officials will be on hand to discuss ways to clean up Europe’s air. Anyone can register to attend the forum, which will be streamed live online.

They will start today, with a discussion on the current state of air quality and the impact of polluted air on people – premature deaths from respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer diseases for example.

Participants will hear the main findings in the on-going review of EU air policy and some of the key policy options under consideration. These options are in line with the Commission’s environmental action programme to 2020.

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