Monday,27 June 2022
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Greenhouse gas emissions European Project


The GHG-Europe (´Greenhouse Gas Management in European Land Use Systems´) project is working to increase awareness of environmental issues, such as drawing attention to the changing uses of Europe´s land for agricultural and forestry production (i.e. estimated to be over 50 %), and the importance of better land management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With EU-funding of EUR 6.6 million, the project is being led by Dr Annette Freibauer from the Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture in Germany and includes a consortium of 41 partners.

The project, which is due to end this summer has gathered data from more than 40 GHG measurement stations distributed across all European climatic regions and ecosystems. Additional data has been integrated from previous European projects, such as CarboEurope and NitroEurope. Together with spatial data on climate, soil and land management, this information provides the basis for model validation and integrated assessment.

Later in the year, GHG-Europe will host a conference entitled, ´Open Science Conference: Greenhouse Gas Management in European Land Use Systems´, which will be held in Antwerp, Belgium.

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