Friday,12 August 2022
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Men, lower risk of hypertension and women, lower of asthma

Handsomes live longer and better

The most attractive people are healthier, get sick less and live longer than others. This is the conclusion of the study conducted by the University of Cincinnati (USA), which reflects the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

 For their experiment, the researchers counted with the participation of 15,000 volunteers aged between 24 and 35 years to assess the type of diseases that were diagnosed over a period of 10 years, and the frequency of their visits the doctor.

After a personal interview all candidates for 90 minutes, participants were included in five categories on standards of beauty: very unattractive, unattractive, average, attractive and very appealing.

The results of the experiment showed that there is a direct relationship between physical attractiveness and health. Thus, among the male volunteers was observed, for example, a 13% reduction in the chances of having high cholesterol, 20% lower risk of hypertension and 15% less for depression. Among women, the researchers found that those who had been included in the group of "very attractive" had a lower risk of diabetes or asthma.

Overall in both sexes, people considered attractive were more positive than others about their health status and less missed school or work due to illness. Thus, experts conclude that the more attractive you are, the lower the risk of dying young or sick.

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