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Hit Brands “How Music Builds Value for the World´s Smartest Brands”

Three of the best music branding experts in the business offer excellent advice that can literally make your brand sing and drive sales at the same time.

In the battleground for the hearts and minds of customers, music is one of the most powerful tools that brands can use. In this definitive guide to how brands harness the power of music to drive business, three leading industry experts show you how to create and execute successful music strategies with lasting impact.

Every major global brand already uses and invests in music as part of its communications but very few have created ´hits´. Music has the power to make a brand instantly recognised and loved, so what are the secrets? Including case studies from Coke, Sephora, NESCAFE and Converse and ranging from the strategic use of mnemonics to harnessing conversations in social media, Hit Brands is a practical guide from three pioneers of music branding that defines a seminal moment in the history of music, as brands start to create and own music for the benefit of their customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. History of Music and Brand Relationship
  3. Brands at the New Majors
  4. Introduction to 3 Strategic Models
  5. Music as Identity: Case Studies and Interviews
  6. Music as Engagement: Case Studies and Interviews
  7. Music as Revenue: Case Studies and Interviews
  8. Multimodal Strategies: Best Practice for Brands and Music
  9. Flipping the Equation: Brand Strategies for Music
  10. Mapping the Future

About the Authors

Daniel M. Jackson is an authoritative author, music branding practitioner and the founder of Sonicbrand, the UK´s first music branding agency. Daniel M. Jackson´s first book, An Introduction to Sonic Branding, inspired a generation of entrepreneurs to change how brands and music play together. Hit Brands marks the coming of age of these music and brand relationships. As CEO of CORD, Daniel now runs the world´s leading integrated music agency, servicing global brands from offices around the globe.

Richard Jankovich is CEO and Founder of B(R)ANDS Music Branding Group and Shoplifter In-Store Radio Promotion. For fifteen years he has nurtured partnerships between the music industry and consumer brands while overseeing music strategy for some of the world´s leading companies. He has represented leading record labels including Warner Brothers, Universal/Republic, Beggars Group and more. Richard is also a music lecturer at USC, industry speaker and recording artist.

Eric Sheinkop is Co-Founder and CEO of Music Dealers, a global music tech company that has disrupted the traditional music industry model to create a new route for artists to break their music. Boasting the world´s largest licensing database of indie musicians, Music Dealers helps leading global brands find credible ways to integrate music into their marketing, Sheinkop has brokered ´industry first´ partnerships with brands and agencies designed to deliver network efficiencies and a more authentic connection between a brand and its consumers. This innovative approach has earned Eric multiple industry awards including Billboard Magazine´s ´30 Under 30´ and "Music Man of the 21st Century´ by Crain´s Business.

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