Friday,12 August 2022
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We can all be leaders
WE ARE DIRECTED TOWARDS THE CONSCIOUS COMPANY WHERE ALL OF US WILL BE PROTAGONISTS. In 2018, we are witnessing seismic changes in the workforce, the workplace and the technologies we used

Deloitte, one of the world's most powerful brands in the world of auditing, has interviewed more than 11,000 business and resource leaders. Human beings, as well as executives, the main organizations of today, and all of them verify that a fundamental change is taking place. Organizations are no longer evaluated based on traditional metrics, such as financial performance or even the quality of their products or services. On the contrary, organizations today are increasingly judged on the basis of their relationships with their workers, their clients and their communities, as well as their general impact on society , transforming them from commercial companies to social enterprises to CONSCIOUS COMPANIES.


Despite the economic recovery that the world has seen since 2008, many people are frustrated. Financial gains have not been able to improve people's lives, address to social problems, support stability policy or mitigate the consequences of exponential change, and therefore, the ignorance of technology. People of today have less confidence in his political and social institutions than those of previous years. Many expect that business leaders or any of us, normal people on foot, fill the gap. That is why any of us with the necessary skills can become a CONSCIOUS LEADER.



In addition, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), which has got the participation of experts from the Department of Economics of Oxford and the World Bank, tells us that in 2030 before the explosion of automation,  it is estimated that between 400 and 800 million people all over the world they will have to change their jobs before the arrival of the robots, as approximately 25% of the jobs will be automated.


The most affected professions will be those that involve work in foreseeable environments, or jobs as accountant, clerk, insurance, etc.

This makes us the undisputed protagonists of the new times, because, what are we going to do? , sit and watch as the tsunami of robotics replaces us, or, we will become agents of change, consciously refocusing on a new path that was previously unthinkable? Today we have technology, we have access to the best knowledge, and we have got ourselves. Maybe the question is: do I have the skills to be my own leader, and be a part of the new social enterprise?


Behaving as a social enterprise and effectively managing the macro trends of the external environment requires an unprecedented level of multifunctional vision, connectivity and collaboration. The conscious leader is the next stage in the continuous evolution of leadership models.


As the power of the individual grows, organizations are modernizing their workforce management approaches, reward systems and career models to be able to listen to and provide a better respond. In particular, as workers and networks outside the organization grow in importance, companies strive to establish effective and continuous relationships with each segment of the workforce ecosystem. (Deloitte Report)


Therefore, the challenge is to find our place, and find a way to appropriately address the preferences and priorities of each one of us. And at the same time, seek the best fit in the interaction with a more diverse set of workers and segments of the workforce that had never happened before. Are we prepared? Do you want to be prepared?



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