Monday,27 June 2022
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He worked 72 hours without sleep

Intern dies after working all night


Intern, Moritz Erhardt has died after working extraordinary long hours for investment bank Merrill Lynch in the East London offices. The University of Michigan student’s death comes after he had recently gone on to tell of excessive pressure to succeed.

German-born Erhardt, a business graduate from the University of Michigan, allegedly worked 72 hours without sleep leading up to his sudden death in Claredale Street, Bethnal Green, on 15 August.

A careers advice group, condemned the long hours culture. A spokesperson went on to tell the UK’s The Independent: “Young people who jubilantly accept a Summer Internship, thinking they’ve landed a chance at their full-time dream job, find themselves declaring that, what should have been a summer full of hope, is in fact the ‘worst three months’ of their lives due to the exhausting combination of regular all-nighters, weekend work and the Magic Roundabout.

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