Wednesday,6 July 2022
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Google, Visa, Paypal and MasterCard

Internet giants fight against illegal piracy Web sites


Google  has decided to take the next step in its antipiracy efforts by working with Visa, Mastercard and PayPal to cut off funding for websites accused of making money off of pirated content.

The uploading, downloading and sharing of copyrighted music and movies has become increasingly popular over the last decade, but unauthorized use of the material has cost the entertainment industry millions of dollars and creates a legal predicament for individuals who violate copyright laws

Google is considering putting a squeeze on financing to download sites that allow sharing of copyrighted material instead of altering search engine results to demote sites that do so.

If Google proceeds with the plan, it will not be the first time that websites have been shut down by having their funding sources blocked. In 2011, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard cut off funding to WikiLeaks, the controversial information website led by Julian Assange that published classified government secrets and information online, according to The Telegraph.

This is the first time that the search giant is collaborating with payment companies to crack a whip on these piracy sites. By cutting down the financial sources, Google hopes to drive them out of business. The move is welcomed by the book publishing, film, music and television industries, who want a more stringent control on the rampant piracy online.

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