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A new way of teaching

iPads improve classroom skills


The story takes place in the Appalachian Mountains, a location that many of the students knew nothing about. Using the tablets, students were able to see photos of the mountain range and hear the call of the whippoorwill, whose call is important to the plot of the story.

The devices are outfitted with strong filters that control what students see when they research on the internet. But Shannon Mode, a Willamina Elementary librarian, said much of the research that students do is through online encyclopedias and databases which the students cannot click away from.

Willamina Schools have been experimenting with how iPads can be used in the classroom and found that the tablets make excellent learning tools. The tablets are especially useful for younger students because they are simple to use. Another advantage to using the devices is that students are learning how to use the technology, she said.

Nearly all staff members have been trained to use the iPads and staff members are reporting that they do not run into the same issues with technological glitches that they encounter with laptops. During the two years that the school has had the iPads, it has not had to return any, said Willamina Middle and High School Principal Tim France.

Mode explained that the skills the students develop by learning with the iPads are ones which will be important for them to have in the future when they are looking for jobs. Currently, for nearly any job, technological competence and a basic understanding of how to do many tasks on computers and tablets place applicants ahead of those who do not possess the same skills.

Source: The Sun

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