Monday,27 June 2022
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Is there a future for young people in Spain?


Two out of every three young people in Spain are looking for work abroad, according to data provided by the new ESADE InfoJobs report on the state of the Spanish job market.

Under-thirties, the age group most affected by unemployment, are reportedly looking for work outside Spain. 65% are trying to find job opportunities in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland are the priority countries) and 51% are looking further afield (United States, Canada and South America). To increase their options of working abroad and emigrating, this demographic has called for significant improvements to be made in terms of learning foreign languages.

In spite of the difficult situation that unemployment presents for young people, certain sectors have been making it easier for inexperienced young people to join the job market. Tourism, catering, and retail and customer services were the three categories offering young people more job opportunities in 2012.

Over-qualified candidates is another reality that has also become evident in recent years. 45% of candidates have university degrees, but only 24% of jobs actually need candidates with this level of education.

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