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Gran Coalition For Digital Jobs

Joint venture between HP and the European Commisión to boost youth employment


In the framework of the European Commission’s conference “Filling the gaps: e-Skills and education for digital jobs” and the official Launch of the Grand Coalition For Digital Jobs taking place on March 4 2013, Addie van Rooij, Head of Human Resources EMEA at HP says;

"HP is leading the challenge in addressing the shortage of IT skills and job opportunities for young people, part of the calamitous combination holding back economies across the EU. HP is pledging to the European Commission that it will help equip 1 million qualified individuals with entrepreneurial and technology skills by 2015 through a series of targeted programmes.

A highly skilled labour force is crucial for fuelling the growth of the European ICT industry and particularly for boosting the growth of Small and Medium sized Enterprises. However, the market place is changing at rapid speed and along with it the IT skills that companies require to stay competitive and at the cutting edge of innovation.

HP is committed to lead in the development of IT skills and education amongst young people, equipping them with business-ready, transferrable skills which bridge the gap between the educational sector and the global market. HP strategy pretends to:

  • Commit HP Institute, which provides an industry leading transferable curriculum, to create a further pipeline of 20,000 certified students and professionals that possess the combination of IT skills, business acumen and hands-on experience which businesses require
  • Scale up the HP LIFE e-Learning platform to 1 million students by 2015. HP LIFE qualifies unemployed youth and students aged 15-25 with essential business and IT skills through an open, cloud-enabled e-Learning platform that offers high quality content, certification, and e-Mentorship from HP employees
  • Equip an additional 100,000 young students with entrepreneurial and ICT skills through the Social Innovation Relay (SIR)
  • Hire 2,500 graduates from across the EU until 2015 in order to inject HP’s workforce with the IT skills required for continuously developing innovative technology solutions. 

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