Wednesday,6 July 2022
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The Oscars of technology

José Luis López Gómez won the Popular Prize European Inventor


Spanish engineer Jose Luis Lopez Gomez won Tuesday the European Inventor Award´s first-ever Popular Prize for a system that allows trains to travel with more safety and comfort.

Lopez Gomez has invented a new way to make sure that the wheels of high-speed passenger trains roll more securely on the rails, always maintaining the most perfect position, particularly in mountainous regions.

The Spaniard´s prize corresponds to one of the five categories into which the European Patent Office divides its prizes, considered the Oscars of technology.

Lopez Gomez came out tops in his category thanks to the public voting for him on the Internet, a category honored for the first time since the prizes were created in 2006.

The system created by the Spanish engineer, patented in 2007, substitutes a unique "independent guided" wheel design for a standard axle, which allows trains to travel 30 percent faster on curves.

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