Saturday,2 July 2022
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A funny way to learn to write

Lernstift is the first pen that vibrates when you make a mistake


A pair of German inventors have developed Lernstift, a learning pen that’ll ruthlessly nags you into improving your spelling and handwriting with the power of vibration. Packing a stripped-down Linux system with a non-optical motion sensor. In addition, there’s a calligraphy mode, which’ll let you know exactly how you could make your penmanship a little more, you know, legible.

Their long-term goal is to have Lernstift include a sentence based grammar check. For the device to learn your handing you would write, “a few worlds in block letters followed by the same words in cursive.” Currently only English and German are available, but more will come with software updates. It has an ergonomic design to help make sure it’s compatible to all hand sizes including those of smaller children.

They have made it possible to change the ink, from a fountain pen to ballpoint. There is also a pencil tip that will help with requirements if so desired, it will help make those spelling mistakes not so permanent. Both pens are available now, but they are still working on the pencil tip. They will be making different color options available, so that boy and girls have their choice. Currently, a purplish color and blue are planned.

It has built in WiFi so it can connect to PCs, smartphone and even other Lernstift pens. This will help those parents who want to see how well their child is doing via a statistics app.

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