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Literature in a video game

Lexica, a role-playing game in which teens will interact with characters from classic novels


The game takes place in a secret library containing every book ever written. The library has special guardians that keep everyone out in order to keep the books safe. Since no one can read the books, the characters’ lives are threatened, and they respond by escaping the confines of their books to get help — and that’s where the player comes in.

The game was designed around the motivational theories of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck. The game doesn’t measure how smart or talented the players are, but instead it measures how hard they work. Players are rewarded when they complete a quest.

Amplify hopes to get students playing the game starting in 7th grade through 9th. They can play new episodes and quests that correspond with the material they are learning in class.

It’s not required that kids read the books to continue in the game, but developers hope it gets them excited to read.

The game is not meant to be a substitute for reading and, in fact, works the opposite way: knowing the book will help players in the game, but the game cannot take the place of reading the book.

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