Monday,4 July 2022
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Louvre forced to close

Yesterday, The Louvre , the world’s most visited museum was forced to close its doors to the public because of the increasing number of pickpocket thefts. Hundreds of stuff refuses to work to denounce this situation which they consider has become a growing problem of public security and especially for tourists.


Workers assert that pickpocketing was a growing problem despite measures taken. They had asked for extra help to the police at the end of last year but the problem has not been solved.


Many of the thieves are said to be the children of Romanian immigrants who gets into the museum for free. The workers said that “We can only do so much, but arrests are usually impossible because of their young age. If they are kicked out, they return the next day. They are very aggressive towards staff, putting people in danger of attack.”


To remedy this situation members of museum staff trade unions visted the Ministry of Culture following today´s walk-out to demand action.

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