Monday,27 June 2022
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Massive youth unemployment in Europe


Unemployment in the Eurozone touched record high levels in April, the highest since 1995 – 12,2% against 11,2% in April 2012, Eurostat said on Friday.

Critical conditions were also registered in April among Spanish youths at 56,4%, followed by Portuguese youths at 42,5% and Italians 40,5%. French workers under 25 also exeeded the EU-17 unemployment average level with one in four without a job (26,5%).

Eurostat also registered 3,6 million of unemployed workers under 25 in the Eurozone (5,6 millions in the EU), 188,000 more than a year ago when the youth unemployment rate was 22,6%.

Germany, Austria and the Netherlands registered the lowest unemployment rates among youths with percentages ranging between 7,5 and 10,6%.

There were 18 countries in the EU which registered a growth in unemployment rates compared to a year ago, while nine saw unemployment rates fall, Eurostat said.

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