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At the Latino Summit

Michelle Obama talks about immigration and education

The first lady´s speech to the League of United Latin American Citizens convention focused mostly on her campaign to encourage disadvantaged youth to pursue higher education. She spoke of the importance of education in acquring the American dream, saying that while immigration reform is an extremely pressing issue as well, ´We must tackle all of these issues at the same time.´

The Latino community must use higher education as a tool of empowerment instead of waiting for Congress to fix a "broken" immigration system, Michelle Obama said in New York on Thursday.

The first lady spoke to about 1,500 people at the conference of the League of United Latin American Citizens at the New York Hilton Midtown.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), founded in 1929. LULAC was created when Hispanics were denied basic civil and human rights in the United States. The founders of LULAC created an organization that empowers its members to create and develop opportunities where they are needed most.

During the Conference Michelle Obama explained how education is the road that leads to a more secure future that will open up the opportunity to care for one´s family better.

"That was certainly true for my family," she said, proudly. "And today my mom doesn´t have to worry about a thing because my brother and I, we got our degrees, and achieved financial stability and now we can take care of her."

The first lady highlighted LULAC´s history of improving education through the story of its former president, Felix Tijerina, who hired teachers out of his own pocket so Spanish-speaking students could learn English and continue their education. She emphasized that he did not wait for school boards to initiate such education improvements.

Moreover, the hispanic celebriyJennifer Lopez introduced Obama at the event. The actress and musician also touted her new documentary series, "Los Jets," which follows a high school soccer team composed primarily of Latino immigrants.

Source: Associated Press

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