Friday,12 August 2022
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"Let Girls Learn"

Michelle Obamas vistis UK and Italy to promote education in Europe

Michelle Obama, arrived to London tjis week for a tour of Britain and Italy to support Michelle Obama´s Let Girls Learn initiative. During the two-day stay, the American First lady will promote her campaigns for girls´ education.

First lady Michelle Obama, on her visit to London announced a new partnership between the United States and United Kingdom to improve girls´ access to education around the world.

The two countries are launching a partnership to continue their collective support for adolescent girls´ education. The United States and United Kingdom will collaborate to improve girls´ access to education by enrolling students in accelerated primary school programs, reducing barriers to school access and mobilizing parental and community support. Both countries will also try to improve the quality of materials used in teaching and learning, and to improve school governance.

The United States and United Kingdom will share data on adolescent girls´ education from various advocacy and academic organizations, including the University of Cambridge and Georgetown University, and "produce research and provide guidance and technical support" through USAID´s Education in Conflict and Crisis Network.

Additionally, the partnership will encourage other advocacy organizations to "collaborate and share community-based solutions" to assist vulnerable girls, with the U.S. Peace Corps and U.K.´s Campaign for Female Education set to share "best practices" developed based on their experience.

As part of her "Let Girls Learn" initiative, Obama also met with students in London to discuss how the two countries are working together to expand access to girls education around the world.

After London, the party will fly on to Italy to meet US armed services families based in Europe and to visit the Milan Expo as part of the third strand of her work, encouraging healthier diets for children.

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