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More French students choosing to study in the US

In the past seven years, the number of French students in the US has increased by almost 17%. The US is now the second most popular destination for French students, after the UK, which welcomes about 13,000 French students each year.

For the past several years, an increasing number of French students have left France to study in the United States. The number of French students studying in the U.S. has climbed by almost 17 percent, making it the second most popular such destination, behind only the United Kingdom (which attracts nearly 13,000 French students annually).

French students choose to come to the U.S., in part, because they want to improve their English skills, a necessity in a competitive, globalized job market.

Many French students turn to agencies like the Paris-based Worldiploma, which helps find locations to study abroad.

Another reason that they are increasingly enamored with the U.S. is the international stature of universities like Columbia, Harvard or Yale, which are viewed as a tremendous asset in an increasingly competitive job market.

Still, despite the enormous costs of an American education, an increasing number of young French students are nonetheless trying to reach U.S. campuses.

Source: International Business Times

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